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The Eieryn Plane is seated on a severed mountain peak several thousand feet above Nyreiel Province. To its surfaced inhabitants, the Cafynl, extent of the world stretches no further than several hundred miles in each direction. An eternal drop to oblivion rests beyond these points, earmarked by a sturdy though low rising brick wall encompassing the border. To those dwelling below the surface, the G’Noud, this small flat and often hot plane is but a roof to an endless column of stone and rock. The G’Noud may occasionally catch emblazoned shapes of their surface adversaries blinding them in the star’s white hot light. The Cafynl hear a chirp or sight a scuttling shadow fleeing to a place where the ground seemingly swallows it up. To each other, their mutual knowledge is exaggerated, mythological, and just plain erroneous. To the Nyreielan folk, their generational existence is entirely unknown.

Eieryn Plane